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User Interface Design
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User Interface Design GmbH (UID)

UID's multi-disciplinary team consists of a wide range of experts from different fields as computer science, software development, usability engineering, cognitive psychology as well as graphic and media design.

Usability engineering pursues an iterative process from analysis to realization, taking into account that for the user of interactive applications, the interface actually is the product. The development process is constantly supported by prototyping, styleguides, user testing, and focus groups, in order to guarantee a smooth process of integration.

As a partner in the DEMOS-Project, UID will be working on the graphical user interface for the sophisticated and complexly structured platform. They will tackle the task of visualizing the multifold functions necessary in order to lead a profound political discussion. The main objectives are good usability and intuitive access for first-time-users, while at the same time offering enough options and width to satisfy more trained and demanding participants.

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User Interface Design