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User Interface Design GmbH (UID)

UID offers services in the field of usability engineering, graphic design, and software engineering. Emphasis is placed on conception, design, and realization of user interfaces, that are utilizable for everyone.

In 1990, UID started in Sweden. UID Germany was founded as a subsidiary. Since 1998, UID Germany has become an independent software and consulting company. The company is based in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart, Germany, with a second office in Southern Germany, Munich.

UID offers usability engineering for complex user interfaces with hedonistic qualities, as well as support with graphical interfaces for CD-Rom publications and internet appearances. It has also been involved in the development of digital-TV and created software like the "UID-Browser" which is currently used by firms like Nokia, Sony, Daimler-Chrysler TSS among others.

UID was decisively involved in the development of ISO 9241 and ISO 14915 "Multimedia User Interface Design - Software Ergonomic Requirements and Recommendations". The company has contributed to a better understanding and conversion of the norms with user-oriented publications, and established and steadily increased their software ergonomic know-how in various projects.


User Interface Design