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TU Technologie GmbH

Founded in 1992, the TU Technologie GmbH (TuTech) provides professionally run business, contract management and technology transfer services on behalf of the TUHH. It acts as an interface between the commercial world and research, offering a one-stop-shop for technology transfer in Hamburg.
It has gained national respect for being very successful in fusing a link between the local business community, industry and academic research. TuTech acts also as a business incubator for the start-up of technology-oriented companies. It develops business-ideas and carries out the implementation of commercial activities.
TuTech's turnover in 1998 was 7.8 Mio. EUR, nearly 70% of which was achieved through contract research. The project portfolio includes over twenty-five EU projects from all programmes run under a similar partnership between the research departments responsible for the scientific research and TuTech's management.

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