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Membership of NEXUS-IBA includes well-known public interest organisations like the United Nations, UNESCO, the BBC, as well as several other smaller organisations and radio program producers, but the association is operates with a small, dedicated, unpaid volunteer staff. Volunteers working for NEXUS-IBA are mainly professionals, teachers, professors, journalists, students and engineers devoting their spare time and resources as a public service to the global community.

To fulfill its aims, NEXUS-IBA operates IRRS-Shortwave, a Shortwave broadcasting station covering the whole of Europe and the Mediterranean; it also offers several Internet related services as a non-commercial Internet Service Provider, and is involved in a few training programs aimed at teachers and parents in the Milan area on the role of emerging technologies in education.

As a strictly non-profit, 100% volunteer based organisation, all revenues above rents, communication, and maintenance costs go back into the Association so as to guarantee the maximum efficiency and the lowest possible service rates. This strong dedication, high professionalism, and very efficient structure has enabled NEXUS_IBA to not only survive, but expand ist services in sectors like Internet, education and new media where competence is now needed most.