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NEXUS-IBA is a non-profit association that has elected to do something different in the world of broadcasting and media delivery in general. Founded in 1988 with its seat in Milano, Italy, NEXUS-IBA's aims are to provide all necessary means at the organisation's disposal for the dissemination of cultural, ethnic, political, and religious material on behalf of members and non-members of the association. The Association is run by a worldwide network of prestigious members and a dedicated all-volunteer cooperative with less than fifteen people operating from various locations in Europe who give their spare time to serve the members.

The Association offers its members, and non-members, assistance and facilities necessary for the transmission of educational, scientific, cultural, political, and religious material in original languages, also with the help of individuals who are not member of the Association. "In this respect, radio is to be the primary medium, locally, nationally, and internationally, although other forms of mass media may also be used. Pluralism of information is to be assured, with particular attention paid to minorities; above all ethnic, cultural, political, and religious minorities, without regard to race, sex, language, or political or religious beliefs, and in full accordance with the Human Rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Italy and by International Law" (quoted from the NEXUS-IBA's Charter).