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Ipsos-RSL Media

Ipsos copporate culture is characterised by a blend of innovation and expertise. The company has made bold moves in innovation. For example, Ipsos was the first research company in France to use telephone surveys for electoral polls; it was the first to introduce a national CAPI fieldforce in the UK; the first to establish an international omnibus using computer-assisted interviewing with Capibus Europe. Ipsos has set up a telephone interviewing centre in London, the International CatiCentre, which conducts surveys worldwide, using multi-lingual interviewers. This innovation continues with e.g. investment in the Internet with our Inter@ctive brand.

The Ipsos Group have introduced the first true worldwide advertising research company, Ipsos-ASI, to address our clients' increasing needs to manage their advertising globally. Ipsos-ASI The Advertising Research Company, will offer our first worldwide ad pre-testing product, Next*TV. Ipsos-ASI is also introducing in Europe its interactive (online) research activities built on development work done over three years in the USA. Among other advertising research services we provide are the multimedia STC post-test and other tracking and brand equity research services. This, coupled with a new worldwide management structure, will position us to better serve our clients on a local, regional and worldwide basis.

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Ipsos-RSL Media