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Ipsos-RSL Media

Ipsos-RSL is a subsidiary of Ipsoso SA, one of the top ten largest research companies in Europe, and indeed in the world. The Group has subsidiaries in 20 major countries: each of these companies is a key player in its local market. Together these companies, most of which are 100% Ipsos owned, constitute a closely integrated international group, well suited to meeting the research requirements of the major multinationals.

Each Ipsos company has its own personality and a unique knowledge of its territory, based on the accumulated wisdom gathered through conducting research. Each company has both a local client base, and a role as part of the Ipsos international team. The big global clients commissioning international surveys are handled through a system of key account management, which orchestrates the national Ipsos companies to provide an harmonious and consistent service. Ipsos companies are equipped with CATI & CAPI systems, using Quantime as the standard for international co-ordinated research.


Ipsos-RSL Media