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Currently comprises more than 70.000 different pages with informational content. Some of the pages are already available in English, Spanish and French, others are even available in 10 different languages. One of the core-services is called DiBIS. DiBIS is the official citizens' information service of the City of Hamburg. With this service everybody can obtain short, concise information about the services offered by Hamburg's city halls and other public institutions. DiBlS enables people also to prepare for appointments with the authorities and to download administrative forms. Another service to mention is the 'link to your roots' data base. This data base embeds the Hamburg emigration lists with personal data of 5 million people who emigrated via Hamburg from 1850 to1934. People who think that Hamburg was their ancestor's emigration port have the opportunity to research the database via Internet. is already interactive in different respects, e.g. by the guestbook where questions are answered immediately. Moreover, the service also facilitates citizens' participation via discussion groups. Moreover, a moderated and mediated expert forum was established to discuss a novel regulation for Universities of Hamburg. Presently there are more than 3.5 Mio. page impressions each month whereby the traffic has doubled in the last six months.

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