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Fraunhofer FOKUS

Fraunhofer FOKUS is organized in several Competence Centers. The Electronic Commerce Competence Centre (ECCO) is the one that is involved in DEMOS project.

ECCO offers products, services, and consultation on the design, specification, and development of Electronic Commerce platforms and applications based on state-of-the-art technology. It develops a support environment and tool set for the implementation of Electronic Commerce applications and Virtual Enterprises. ECCO considers the business processes and transactions themselves as well as the communication and information technologies used. Business processes and transactions considered include the establishment of the initial contact between the parties involved, the exchange of information, pre- and post-sales support, service management, and distribution of products that can be delivered electronically, virtual enterprises and shared business processes. The department provides advanced personal communication support capabilities which can be used by an open set of common services in telecommunications and distributed computing in a generic manner. This includes support for mobility, service personalization and service interoperability.

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