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DEMOS in Hamburg

Presentation of DEMOS
1rst Prototype Testing
2nd Development Phase
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Prototype Testing: Pilot User Trials

A prototype of the demos platform has been developed and was tested at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH) and in the City of Bologna. The two Pilot User Trials ran for six weeks each.
The aim of the trial at the TUHH was to find out how teaching at the university could be evaluated and improved. Students and staff took part in discussion.
In the City of Bologna, citizens were invited to discuss the issue of traffic in Bologna.
The Pilot User Trials were successful in every way: In both subjects the discussion produced useful contributions and new ideas. Participants were enthusiastic about the new way of communication. For the research and development team the testing produced useful insights for further improvement of the DEMOS-Platform that will be implemented in the second development phase.

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